Sunday, March 28, 2010

Library Lion: Written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by: Kevin Hawkes.
So this last section I did in my LIBS 5150 class was on picture books. From the outside it looks like this book was written a while ago, but it actually was published in 2006. Of course I had to choose this book to jump start my blog because it honors librarians :-).
Summary: One day a lion walked into a library. No one was sure what to do since there were no rules against lions in the library. After story time he roared and got in trouble with Miss Merriweather (the librarian). He was allowed to come back the following day if he was quiet, but he arrived early. Miss Merriweather gave him some chores to do; he dusted the encyclopedias with his tail, licked envelopes, and gave children a lift. The people were nervous, but then started liked the lion. He started getting there early to help Miss Merriweather. One day she was reaching high to get a book and fell and asked the lion to go get Mr. McBee. The lion ran off, and Miss Merriweather told him 'No running in the library'. When the lion arrived at Mr. McBee's desk (a fellow worker) he roared loudly at him, but Mr. McBee said he broke the rules, so the lion hung his head and left. Mr. McBee found Miss Merriweather and got her the help she needed. The next day the lion wasn’t there, nor the next, and the next. Miss Merriweather was very sad, so Mr. McBee went to look for the lion. He found the lion in the rain sad and told him it was ok to break the rules in some special cases. When the lion returned Miss Merriweather ran to the lion and when told "No running" she said "Sometimes there was a good reason to break the rules. Even in the library."

Ok, so it might sound crazy, but when Mr. McBee finds the lion in the rain it is THE MOST SAD thing I have seen in a while! The lion is SO pitiful looking! On a happy note, I love this story because, like I said earlier, it honors librarians. However, the librarian in this story is an older lady with gray hair, pulled in a bun, glasses, and a jacket with long skirt. I think this is how most people see librarians, but not me!

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