Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Hunger Games Trilogy: Suzanne Collins

So I was required to read The Hunger Games for my Young Adult Media class this past summer. Well, I got it on my kindle, but ended up having to read a synopsis on Amazon because I ran out of time. That and the fact it was paired with another Sci-Fi book that I was reading (and HATED) so I was a little afraid to read it because I thought it would also be terrible..Well, before that assignment was due I was able to read the first few pages and I was curious. In August when the class ended I thought, why not continue and just see what I think...well...I fell in love! Not just any kind of love either, I spent my whole day eagerly awaiting bed time when i would enter a whole other kind of world of districts, rich people, and survival.
This book is SO rich in content and would be great to use in the classroom. It is a harsh way of life, but it can be compared to the world we live in today in SO many ways. The characters are easy to fall in love with and if you like unexpected twists, THIS is the book for you! It kept me guessing down to the very last page! The best part is, it's really not predictable at all. When I say unexpected twists, I mean, unexpected twists.
I am so sad that this book had to come to an end. I am left without my friends from District 12 and now I need to find something as good, or better to replace that empty feeling. It will be hard to replace, though!